Jung on Synchronicity

Jung postulated the concept of synchronicity to aid us in our understanding of socially conscious unifying phenomena. Synchronicity was absolutely involved in the or in his terms – the individuation process. We can now infer that many of our most significant leaders have experienced a phenomena (or been subjected by it, as the case my be) whereby, “the unfoldment of an individual experience of a single person is actually synchronistically linked to the unfoldment of the collective destiny of a social group.” Aziz 203, explaining the Jung’s thought on the matter.

Jung explains (after having many terrible visions of destruction right before WWI broke out), “Now my task was clear: I had to try to understand what had happened and to what extent my own experience coincided with that of mankind in general…” Aziz 206 And further: Neumann writes about “the interplay between the psychic struggle of a single individual and the problems that threaten the collective consciousness,
“A sensitive person falls ill because of his incapacity to deal with a problem which is not recognized as such by the world in which he lives, but which is, in fact, a future problem of humanity which has confronted him and forced him to wrestle with it.”

This explains the lack of contemporaneity, the remoteness and the eccentric isolation of these people— but also their prophetic role as forerunners. Their fate and their often tragic struggle with their problems is of crucial significance for the collective, since both the problem and the solution, the criticism which destroys the old and the synthesis which lays the foundation for the new, are performed by these same individuals for the collective, which in fact takes over their work.
Similar to the manner in which shamans, as Eliade informs us, ‘have played an essential role in the defense of the psychic integrity of the community.’” Aziz 204

Because the whole project stands on our ability to become more conscious. So after Jung’s experience with vision, casting him into the ranks of seers whose personal story ‘coincided with that of the mankind in general,’ we can see that the purpose to these sorts of experiences is, “to provide mankind with the means to bridge what Ross Woodman describes as “the discrepancy…between the demands of our global village—the earth as one country and mankind its citizens—and the level of consciousness at which we continue to function.” And further that, “The purpose is to create a consciousness commensurate to the demands that our century with increasing urgency imposes upon it.” Aziz 206

“…in certain cases, when one individual acting in harmony with the self raises the compensatory meaning of a constellated archetypal pattern to consciousness, all who are contained within that same archetypal pattern benefit. Through the efforts of one individual the pattern as a whole is transformed. It could be said, then, as Jung himself does, that from a synchronistic point of view the social contribution of a single individual pursuing his own wholeness many be far greater than one would otherwise imagine it to be. Commenting on this specific point in a letter to Miguel Serrano dated September 14th 1960, Jung writes:
Whoever is capable of such insight [like that achieved in the individuation process] no matter how isolated he is, should be aware of the law of synchronicity. As an old Chinese saying goes: “The right man sitting in his house and thinking the right thought will be heard a 100 miles away” … If the archetype, which is universal, i.e., identical with itself always and anywhere, is properly dealt with in one place only, it is influenced as a whole, i.e., simultaneously and everywhere. Aziz 210

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