Faculty Goal Statement 2014-15

Adam Hudson
6th Grade Global Cultures

With all the resources available to me, my goal for the 2014-15 academic year is not only to reproduce the Global Culture’s multi-year established curriculum, but to offer my unique insights, scholastic training, and enthusiastic spirit to each class I teach. As a teacher, I understand the significance I hold within the minds and hearts of each of my students. In honor of that responsibility, I am always working toward an integrated classroom experience that includes both deep care and academic rigor. I am also convicted that laying claim to this high level of responsibility requires a special attentiveness to balancing individual, needs-based learning while demanding collective growth as an entire class.
I expect to fulfill these aspirations, but in the pursuit of any high goal there are always challenges. When I am challenged I am committed to conscientiously seeing these moments through and especially seeking help. Because, at the core of my commitment to teaching is a commitment to learning. I understand the opportunities for my greatest learning are often in the face of my greatest difficulties and that my learning as an individual both in character and knowledge is the leadership that my students, community, and family deserve.
Lastly, I am absolutely committed to the goals of GPS as a nurturing center of education aiming to build young girls into powerful leaders, compassionate, and responsible to their local and global community. My goal is to participate as an empowered masculine presence in the lives of our girls, to give them a view of masculinity that redefines heteronormative roles, intervenes in the histories of masculine dominance and oppression, and offers new avenues of creatively navigating complex issues of self, society, and transformation. I aim to build on GPS’ exceptional feminist tradition and contribute to its ongoing potential.

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