US Nationalism, China, and Interventions

Just a little over a week ago I was in China. It’s hard for me to explain how significant experiencing life abroad can be. I have never been quite so grateful for the US in my life. I’m sure my readers are familiar with my liberal leanings, but upon my return to the US, walking through customs, embraced by San Francisco and then Chattanooga, I have been left with an undeniable sense of national pride. I would like to believe that the character of nationalism I’m encountering flows from a genuine and adequate experience of the global. I look to nationalism for perspective. Many hope – I included – that nationalism is a collective passage of development toward an Earth consciousness. It was clear that the Chinese had deep national pride… and… I was subtlety judgmental toward it. Thoughts would glance through my mind, “Perhaps, they’re simply lacking integral frames of global consciousness.” How presumptuous? Or true? Who knows. They, like all people, remember their history – its trial and story. AND, it’s a hell of lot older than the US’s history! The US is so, so young and still the subjectivity I carry, the US-centric socializations I have internalized, all my education and choice lends me a pedestal of privilege – the views from above issue calls of responsibility I am only beginning to understand. It was impressive. As interventions go… my three months in China served me well.

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