Guilin, China Week One

It turns out that copy rooms smell the same. The paper and ink, the warmth of the paper after it exits the copy machine.

The furniture is made really well here. My bed for instance… the wood is sturdy, the screws set. From the couch to the table, it is all strong, even pleasant. Perhaps, its craftsmanship? Or is it that IKEA is the standard I’m drawing in comparison? Poor IKEA.

Everyone honks their horn here – ALL the time. It’s both a courtesy and a frenzy. It operates out of a sense of frustration that the roads aren’t very organized, cutting is understood and practiced. Who doesn’t want to be heard in a hoard?

This past week I got to meet my students. They were having a Sports Ceremony on Friday and the students wanted Amanda and I to participate. My sole purpose is to participate with the students, be of service to them – I’m all in. They had a choreographed dance for us to learn. This excited me! I got to breakdance a little in front of the whole school. What a welcome! Full immersion.

My classes begin tomorrow. I feel prepared.

There aren’t dryers here. I’m sure one might find one to buy somewhere? No one, as far as I can tell, uses dryers to dry their clothes. My jeans take about 8 hours to hang dry. My shirts about 5.

I now have China Mobile as my cell phone carrier. I’ll receive text messages from who I assume to be the governing Chinese bodies informing their citizenry about a whole series of things. I got a message encouraging me to eat well for my health, especially since the weather is about to turn cold. I’m not sure where the boundaries are between Governmental Management and the Private Sector. I’m not sure its correct to even qualify a company as “private” in China.

It is clear that the Chinese believe in their own growth. The evidence is in the air – literally. I commented on all the dust kicked up by the overwhelming amount of construction in my last post on China. Its still hard to ignore. I really am hang-drying my clean clothes.

This might sound a bit crude. The women here aren’t curvy – flat asses and small boobs. The seduction arrives differently somehow? I don’t see obesity here. I would say about 80-85% of all the bodies I see are fit; in one way or another the bodies are able, strong, sturdy – like the furniture!

I love how everyone is human. People respond like humans respond. Smiles break down barriers. Just saying hello with a smile is revolutionary. My mom asked me how I was doing this evening. I told her that it’s true – as a rule, all over this Earth… the love you receive is proportional to the love you give.

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