Response To Glide’s Theon

I think ‘we’ believe in poverty… so it continues. The notion of scarcity is written into our very DNA, from our biological origins to our social conditions. We’re all contending for acknowledgment, validation, access. It was Jesus that showed humanity – along with so many other saints, movements, institutions – that one must literally lay down ones life in order to receive. In many ways Glide believes in poverty the most – it’s very life blood depends on serving the poor even sustaining it. On the one hand it’s power is it’s practice of the social gospel, the generative spirit of service and celebration of life, and on the other hand it is constituting, enabling the very conditions it seeks to eliminate. It is a problem of history that we face. I am grateful God bends history. Our difficulties surround issues of race, class, gender, sex, nation, body, self, institution. Difficulties of difference, generational hauntings… But most importantly… amidst our work of collective mourning, consciousness is the door through which I find liberation. It is personal, but it does not end with some simplified psychological solution. The secret is more than merely adopting an outlook of abundance. Within all bodies their resides the seat of soul, an outpouring of creative resonance which is God. Not a deficient god of hermeneutic monotheism, rather a God so alive… it is. John Caputo called this God without God or religion without religion. In this space we literally discover different worlds. What would a world look like that asked different questions, sought new horizons of overcoming? ¬†Secede Christ. Lay down the mirror, the representation… for the sake of the incarnation. In that radical space, one finds discipleship. I found this method in Cecil’s action against the cross – the space where its removal was literal, not symbolic.

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