An Order for the Religious

Here we have a 13.7 billion year process of material complexification and unification. This process yielded a mind-activated human body, enmeshed in a culture increasingly global, capitalized, and secular/scientific. The place of religious affection, attitude, and devotion is needed more than ever in our time. The magnitude of wonder at the heart of this process flows from a conscious connection with universal feelings – God – likely only reason to laugh at despair, celebrate through mourning, and love one another at the end of certainty.

I have heard that the most difficult things for the human to do is to admit your wrong, include the excluded, and offer love to hate. These powers are of the religious order…

And grateful to a friend and growing scholar for his reminder that as far back as Plato the conviction that the eternal extends beyond our wildest imagination:

“The truth is just the opposite of the opinion which once prevailed among people [the atomists and sophists of 5th century BCE Greece], that the sun and stars are without soul…For in that short-sighted view, the entire moving contents of the heavens seemed to them only stones…even though these stones furnish the sources of the world order.” -Plato, ‘Laws’

“Yes. Please. I’ll take an order of the religious. No, no. No fries with that.”

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