I just signed up for 24Hour Fitness. It’s crowded. Fit Asian men mostly. The treadmills are endless. Endless fitness. Endless heat. Everyone is sweating, breathing, running, burning, pushing. The air is thick and I seem to run well in this environment. The key to humidity … or is it humility? It feels amazing to swim. Tonight I swam for 20 mins straight and my Asian American partner’s words encouraged me, “Impressive,” he said. I respected him for being my lane partner for the entire twenty – every other lap he would rest and I would swim and that difference kept me going.

Earlier today I substituted 7th grade girls all day. The very beginning of the morning – during morning meeting – the girls insisted that I watch the “Girl Scout Cookies” video:

It’s funny.

Over the last few weeks I have substituted almost exclusively at one school. Its all girls, K-8th. I am building rapport with them and my co-workers. I was greatly encouraged when the Middle school head invited me to submit my resume, which I did last night. Dynamics shift with time, residency, commitment. My subtle urge to impress, seem young, and “swag” as the girls say… has introduced some unexpected and utterly delightful results. I have impressed them – the girls. Today a few of them witnessed me breakdance in dance class – seems reasonable enough. But, they really liked it – more than I would have expected. Completely flattering. I happy. 🙂

San Francisco is saturating. It is overwhelming culture. I escape to Tennessee a few months out of the year just to remind myself a real world exists. Creatively blurs everything. Newness is culture, a cosmopolitical therapy for world building; a philosophy of magnanimity; a radiance of miracles. A theater of difference and engagement. Every significant science fiction movie I give a shit about has centered San Francisco in their futurist narratives. Star Trek places its Star Fleet Academy in San Francisco. Terminator’s Skynet is birthed in San Francisco. Planet of the Apes ground zero is San Francisco; etc. etc. etc. SF is more than future it is the center of the fucking planet. How lovely. (right? how many centers where there again?)

So many things are an honor. I’m beginning to mentor in a way that suits me. Today I realize that I am a man. My life is a mirror and my reflections are peace. Everyday God. Waking. Sleeping. Showering. Singing. Soccer. The next thing on  my little agenda here – prayer.

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