Time is a healer… I believe in those words. Eva Cassidy’s song rings in my mind. I still have bouts with anger, resentment, frustrations… but by-in-large I am really, really well. There is a distance that time provides. Only time can do this work.

I am consistently in the presence of God. Who speak this? It was not I a year ago. Time grows, it lengthens my ability to live in the present.

Recently, I have made financial amends to people that have believed and cared for me in a great many ways – a former landlord, a dear friend and colleague, a recovery group. I lived with those debts through time. In time they were met. My heart is at rest. My face speaks my peace. I walk with confidence.

I am astonished to think how far I have come in such a short time. A year can hold such favor. I work with beautiful children every week. My home is a community of people actively healing themselves, consciously positioning their lives so that a power greater then themselves is free to flow through their experience.

It is suggested to look around and take notice of your relationships… to everything… those relationships that extend into your life reflect your relationship with God. Coming to know God, extending time toward that freeing principle, entering into transparency through empowerment, that path is eternal. There are no secrets; there is time. A secret is a false judgment about the reality of connection; it is an issue of time. Humility is coming to know time for what it is, which is movement, as is the fundamental state of things, of matter.

We know of SpaceTime and its integral intimacy.



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