Jesus Increased in Wisdom

The Gospel of Luke 2:52

The New Living Translation: “Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and all the people.”

I am still hopeful when I think of Jesus Christ. Most of my thoughts of Jesus are of an event and wonder. How did it happen? No! It did happen. 2000 years later it still happens! What power is that but of God?

A great enthusiasm lives in me. I have always been interested God, in creating authority – Authoring. I believe that Jesus was the greatest author that ever lived. I haven’t been told otherwise. I know of Plato, who authored himself and Socrates – there are many others. I know of Gandhi and MLK who are known by many people and regarded as saints as far as secular culture will allow. I am aware of Albert Einstein, James Clark Maxwell – great physicists – even the contemporary pioneers Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and the few technological giants whose legacy will surely be written on the walls of humanity. Surely God’s light shone through some more than others and we count these few humans within the realm of inspired. Inspirations trace their outline on the hearts and material of our kind; carved from nature we live and grow approximate with God. In a world where every power is a power, every life an expression of holy value, I cannot tear myself from the thoughts of Jesus. For all my study, my Christianity is beyond cliche and it remains…

A power I imagine Jesus feel in love with was conscious telepathy. The power of telepathy increases with consciousness, consciousness increases with study and relational experience. My experience with telepathy is regular. It increases between those persons where love flows. Ask yourself who you love more than any other and there you will know telepathy. The degrees vary, like any power, but as you increase your capacity to love, to become one with any person, your telepathic powers increase. Our humanity is a clouded complex of interior motives, the barriers to psychic communications are extremely foggy with most. When I’m at my best, especially during mediation, I can intentionally build conversation with someone I love. Asking if they knew about the conversation would be silly. They would not know anything save the subtle feeling of conscious resonance the conversation unfolded – indeed this connection constitutes the conversation in the first place. This form of telepathy is an intentional form of the same experience when you have conversations with others in your minds eye. The practice here would be noticing the difference between conjuring visions verses receiving them and the feelings that come with the visions, anger, resentments, or love, inspiration, etc. Words are often difficult and slow compared with feelings which are much faster. Most of my telepathic capacity remains on this level. When I am very close to another person I can speak their thoughts. Our capacities to carry communications of feeling into our daily experience are forged out of relational practice and by example are taught. Jesus was very good at this. At some point he realized that he had surpassed most of his teachers in his ability to carry authority. It was during this time that the above scripture was written according to Christ.

During this time Jesus was beginning to live a Christ mind. His conscious capacity was acute, refined and of mass attention. He carried feelings of mutual resonance with most beings he encountered. It was a light. He was a beacon. His relationship to God was the most profound he had ever known. He was beginning to believe in full potential, to live the difference between knowing his path and walking his path, and call on the power of “I Am.” I am He. I am the one. I and the father are one. But in the moment of his development according to the scripture there is still a difference between he and God. God is still “Well pleased.” His consciousness is on the precipice of unfolding. It is still liminal. It becomes filmic.

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