Paul Mooney


HA! This is great. Truthness is hilarious. If truth is contextual this is as true as it gets. 911 did scare white people. White people found God through 911. God almost got back into school! God always shows up in powerlessness, tragedy – especially now. BUT, Black people do know God, live with God. It’s a part of the reason Glide is so attractive to me. I’m attracted to people whose circumstances prove vulnerability – how ever they name it. It is a color of humility and acceptance… and builds strength. He even says thank you to white people for strengthening black people. The dominant or experiencing/performing dominance is never quite attuned to these powers or maybe their strategies. I know Hegel talks about the particular powers of “slave consciousness” and queer/feminist theory has always pointed to the multiple life strategies practiced by people experiencing marginality.

Speaking on the former presidency: “Anytime you get a Bush and Dick together somebody’s gona get fucked!”
…way to stop white people from going to star bucks: “NIgger’s just bought star bucks!” … whites like black coffee but not that black…

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