Post Economic San Francisco

I have written a post on this idea previously. Just one. One post, on the “post” economy… hahahaaa! fuck you.  I am just a few pages from finishing a book of “speculative” fiction called After the Deluge. Authored by, Chris Carlsson,  – the book is a utopian journey through “post-economic San Francisco. It aligns pretty nicely with SF Mode, in all its intimations: science fiction, San Francisco, speculative fascinations, sacred feminisms. The plot is not super. Carlsson’s acknowledgements makes clear his main intention to present a plausible, future San Francisco, not necessarily a riveting story. The book is a picture of San Francisco around 2150. The major earthquake happened in 2044. The waters rose significantly, hence, “after the deluge.” The world is full of gardens, weed, bamboo bikes, bio-boats, weird biotechnology, endless energy, free exchange, parades, sex, and daily festivities. It is basically his view of burning man rit large on the city of San Francisco. No police, organizational transparency. The plot tells the tell of future San Francisco through two main characters. A troubled youth who finds himself expressing his refusal to conform by setting fires, and a man on a journey, new to the city, who lands himself as an investigator looking to solve an arson case. It is not a fantastic read. It is an inspired vision and worth it on that merit.

One of my projects will be to write a better version of this novel. There is enormous potential here. Carlsson is missing flesh, theory, research. It reads like a pot head wrote this book! Really… in the book Carlsson talks about a die-off where all the people who were smoking pot were left unaffected. After the Deluge is lazy, but for what its worth, it works as an amazing first draft. It’s a fuzzy vision that offers this reader great inspiration to develop the world he introduces. It is a world taken from my experience of San Francisco in the present. It is clear that Chris Carlsson is intimately familiar with the cultural niche’s that I value most in San Francisco.

Real quick – Two Challenges:

1)  In post-economic San Francisco, where societal evolution has unfolded there is no vision of the evolution of consciousness.  The future of human subjectivity is bound in familiar cliche; its insipid. The ideal would be to introduce new forms of subjectivity. I believe James Cameron’s Avatar made great run at this…

2)  Carlsson introduces a few really cool ideas about biotechnology, but fails to show a world deeply affected, symbiotic with the new forms of technology. Its a lazy work.  (maybe it reminds me of me?)  hahahaahaaa! fuck you. (just think Daniel Tosh quality)


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