Grad School

I remember looking for graduate schools after college. I was with, Leah, my girlfriend at the time. We were at her house. Newly remodeled, a part I had a large hand in accomplishing. I started my search in California. Why not? And “C” was as near to “A” in the alphabet as one could care to come. What is this? The California Institute of Integral Studies where I can urn a MA in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness. The integration of science and religion, the evolution of consciousness – classes with titles like, “Cosmological Powers”, “The History of Western Thought,” and “Krishna, Buddha, Christ”? I noticed that Leah had darted downstairs after she read over the list of professors. She came running back up stairs wide-eyed, wielding a book gifted to both of us from our favorite professor upon our graduation from Carson Newman College – The Passion of the Western Mind, by Richard Tarnas. He was one of the founders of the PCC program and has found himself on our bookshelves in TN. The synchronicity was present, powerful, and undeniable. Right then I knew I would attend CIIS and study in PCC. Right then I knew San Francisco had a place for me. I was right. Everything changed.

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