Saying Nothing

Generally I say nothing. One life is just that… one life. I should not be discouraged because I have travel far the past few years. I thought today that I might continue my blogs posts – saying nothing – by tracing so of my steps backward in time. After all… I do plan to write a book that says next to nothing, just a recounting of my experiences in San Francisco over the last 8 years. Along side this idea of traveling backward, recounting my experience, I figured I could just write my book here. Blog my book until its finished. Or at least the substance is there for revising, editing, etc. Where I should begin is another matter.

In every retelling a story shifts a bit. With every memory re-membered new highlights emerge, others dim. Broadly, I would have my book begin with the discovery of cannabis shops, school, hot tubs, sex, bike, church, culture – “SF Initiations” of sort. The following section would follow the formulations of my new identity – Post-Tennessee. The final section would peer into the world of disintegration and rehabilitations, recovery. It would map paradoxes and potential. I would call it Humus, or something…


I have this subtle fear that sobriety will make me dull – that I’ll loose the cutty attitude that drives my comedy… yeah… good thing its subtle.

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