American Shadow

America is large; it’s shadow long. The American shadow is cast across global affairs. Our nationalism has a negative presence expressed in the resentment against our actions and cultural dominations. The notion of a “shadow” is usually applied to persons, individuals with psychological complexes that inhibit growth, mental affects usually unconscious, though nonetheless powerful in directing a persons choices and practice. And often we begin to awaken to the unconscious”shadows” after many, many cycles of thematic, painful experience. The notion of a shadow applies to the US as a national entity, with its own imaginary, culture, people, material, territory, affluence, influence, etc. America is a self, with its own process of awakening; its own unconscious patterning of behavior.

A few entertaining points in case:

Our president’s name – Barack Hussein Obama. His name speaks our Islamic enemy, our inability to see the Islamic “other” as our global neighbor. His  name is blatantly speaking the memory of a US enemy, hunted and killed, Saddam Hussein. It is so weird, it can’t helped be noticed. It’s as if our national individuation process mocks our short comings.

9/11 – The most violent event in recent US history happened on a date that is the same number as our national emergency telephone number, 911.

I admit it is a bit scilly to contextualize these observations as examples that the US of A, carries a national shadow. Not because the US does not have a national shadow, rather that the shadow could be illustrated with so much more power. But, alas I’m exhaused again. And I wanted to figure a way to couch these obervations with in a meaningful context without just throwing them out there with no more than mere coicendence as an explanation.

We are alive, morphic resonance has living effects upon our human world. In the process of national liberation, in preparation of the post-nation our thoughts must move to include the power of consciousness within global and globalizing translations, interpretations, and meanings. The power of consciousness is its ability to create new stories and ultimately new worlds.

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