I heard a woman at a party tonight ecstatic about an blueprint for an outside garden that included a compost area. She commented that since it was created in 1992, it was, “ahead of the times!”   What kind of culture is this that understands one of the most ancient horticultural practices, damn near as old as agriculture itself, as “new in 92?”.

At the party we roasted a whole pig.

I served the party for $100 and with that duty came the subtle but continuous feeling that I was beneath the guests that I served. The catch… this is not only a projection.

Tomorrow I go to continue my training at the Gap. I am not happy about this.

My cough and sore throat have persisted for over a week now. I am not well with this…

I finally have a little money and I am not sure that the work it took to earn that money was worth it. Bad sign.

I love substitute teaching.

I pray for work that honors and encourages my strengths.


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