Slices of Current Culture (funny)

Google’s Misappropriation

I just had my rant about Apple’s insulting its loyal consumer base. Now on to an observation on Google’s misappropriation of Bob Ross. You know him… the “happy little cloud’s remix” here it is… I know you’ll enjoy it:

Perhaps, “misappropriation” is not the right word. What I mean to communicate is wonder. I know the slice of SF tech culture who finds Bob Ross a cool fad and this remix an even better rendition, adopting the random 80’s Zen painting show as kitsch, momentary, even cliche – aesthetically deficient. I find it fascinating to pull up and “Google” is rendered as Bob Ross’s painting. Because I’ve been a bit frustrated today I scoffed at the pretense – these jerk offs at Google liked the remix and Ross’s Zen like quality so much the projected their quirky “like” on the wall of Google for the world to see. I can only imagine the small slice of current culture who understands the reference. I do.

McDonald’s Coke’s

I confess, because I’m a sinner. I have been eating at McDonald’s regularly for the last month. I feel fantastic. Fuck you. No seriously. McDonald’s is astonishing. Their coke is fantastic. It is perfect nearly every time. I believe… if we are to speak seriously of capitalist sorcery it must find definition within the golden archways. It is magical how McDonald’s has flourished. Current commercials praise the American dollar for finally finding a home at McDonalds. They offer a McDouble along with a whole range of other sugary, salty carbs for a dollar. I am coke addict. I have dabbled in coke addiction at different periods of my life. Every coke, be it from a can, bottle, fountain, plastic, glass, 1 liter, 2 liter etc. has its own unique taste. Out of all these I prefer a fountain coke from McDonalds. How the fuck is that?!! Usually, most… claim the glass bottle – classic. BUT NO! no! McDonald’s Coke. Damn voodoo.

If I had a stand up moment:

This is how I would begin… “Fuck you Daniel Tosh!” and then I would end.

No… I would continue. I would have to talk about Christian Vampirism. Blood sacrifices and all… Then I would move to talking about masturbation. Then I would end.


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