Apple’s Insult

This is my rant on the I-Phone 5 and the more recent trajectories of Apple products. I still have the I-Phone 3Gs… it works awesome. It would work even better if they made an operating system update that was exclusively for the 3Gs. I have feared downloading the os’s for the 4G on my phone because I’ve heard horror stores about the incompatibility.

But herein lies the problem with Apple and technological advancement in general. The I-Phone has not advanced much beyond the original form. A better camera here, a little larger screen there… Ok thanks. But seriously, with each new I-Phone Apple continues to embark on a process called the point of diminishing returns – with every new input or “advancement” the value added is lower and lower. The I-Phone 5 and the I-Pad Mini are point in case. I’m not even going to discuss the I-Pad Mini because with its price compared to other, better tablets it doesn’t deserve recognition; it is blatantly insulting. But you really hurt us with the I-Phone 5. Here Apple decided to go with its own maps instead of Googles and its missing entire major roads. The headphone jack is on the bottom? Who likes to carry the I-Phone in their pocket upside down? More than the minor disappointments with its proclaimed advancement it is that Apple is insulting its loyal consumers by playing the game of capitalism beyond capitalism or capitalist sorcery. Like that famous line from Jerry McGuire: “Apple, you had us at hello.” But now it feels like your just taking advantage of our commitment to sell a repackaged product for the sake of larger revenues. At what point to you rest and say, “Let’s give back, do something bold.” The game where we continually feel left behind gets really exhausting fast. Where is the wisdom at the heart of your sacred Apple. Are we to really believe that you betrayed us all when you “took the bite,” and ate from the Tree of Good and Evil. The myth is relevant and I’m beginning to wonder to what extent.


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