“You are an explorer, and you represent our species, and the greatest good you can do is to bring back a new idea, because our world is endangered by the absence of good ideas. Our world is in crisis because of the absence of consciousness.”
Terence McKenna

I’m not a huge Terence McKenna fan. Not because I don’t generally agree with his perspectives on consciousness, evolution, liberation, rather I find his overwhelming proselytizing about LSD nauseating. And its not that I think LSD can’t be one among many ways to break free of oppressive mindsets, even achieve new levels of consciousness. The problem with LSD, as with other “sacred medicines” is that its not meant to be used within the framework of consumerism much less “partying”. Our culture of capital sorcery has sufficiently killed the sacred elements found in plant healers, psychoactive medicines etc. The death isn’t complete but surely beyond the point of ugly. When these medicines are flooded in the market for profit rather than initiation or sacred encounter they become “drugs”. We all must agree, “Drugs… are bad.” In the course of organic evolution these psychotropic plant helpers where co-emerging with human and animal attention and cultivation. These sacred elixers were often scarce, they were seasonal – this meant they were valued in a different context than our own because more often than not they were rare. Further, they were set in a context philosophers have described with the familiar phrase, “state of nature.” Leisure was always available to the primordial human, but under the pretense of survival awareness and tribe orders of relations were adhered to and made sacred for the sake of perseverance amidst natural uncertainty  In our presence culture we are saturated with privilege. Concerning our domestic lives we are utterly safe, secure, certain. We can spend years without work. In our present context what were formally sacred, seasonally rare plant helpers became mundane product built for profit on the market and consumed as such.

There’s more on this from a “Wholly Other” perspective. The object and goal of our species must be the elevation of consciousness. McKenna is right on point – we must have new ideas. New ideas flow from hard work and alternative lifestyles. Would it be bad to say: New Ideas flow from San Francisco. I’m sort of kidding, mostly not. Because in the present San Francisco meets new ideas with the least resistance. People call this the defining quality of spirituality. My entire life I have been exploring new ideas. I am a philosopher by nature and training. Philosophy is the heart of interesting; it isn’t an abstract, detached rationality. It is deeply engaged with life, learning, and the evolution of consciousness. My philosophy, my “love of wisdom,” has taken me through successive steps in pursuit of conscious liberation and the power of manifestation. I sought this firstly through training with individual instructors in the academy. This trajectory began to shift over the past few years driving me toward AA, where I have discovered a people manifesting the power of community and healing at super conscious levels. If new ideas flow from a source, the source is God. I’ll say it again: God is the source. Or if you want to be existential, there is no God and that’s the source. Personally, I find including God makes for a better story, so I do… because stories are better ideas. If new ideas flow from God then the place to be is in AA. For the last 50+ years, out of all the classrooms, all the mediation centers, the yoga rooms, the churches and places of holy reputation, the rooms of AA have been most consistently in touch with God Sources… the conscious experience of light of love. At least… this is what I and the Dali Lama say. Ok, I would very much like to say something of Deleuze now.

To say something of Gilles Deleuze is to invoke the philosopher of philosopher’s – the one in whom Foucault himself said the 21st would follow. I don’t understand Deleuze which is my caveat and creativity. His metaphysics insists on living beyond my understanding so I bow before the virtual difference his thought commands. At least for this excerpt, I find Deleuze meaningful in his commitments to Marx and Freud insofar that “desiring-production” – the blind impetus operationalizing our cult of capitalism is the central force of deafening neurosis, repression,  state control and infantilizing need. Ok, again. Down with Capitalism again… but what now?

I’m not shy about listening to Wiki:

Modern society still suppresses difference and alienates persons from what they can do. To affirm reality, which is a flux of change and difference, we must overturn established identities and so become all that we can become—though we cannot know what that is in advance. The pinnacle of Deleuzean practice, then, is creativity. “Herein, perhaps, lies the secret: to bring into existence and not to judge. If it is so disgusting to judge, it is not because everything is of equal value, but on the contrary because what has value can be made or distinguished only by defying judgment. What expert judgment, in art, could ever bear on the work to come?”

This is the point-in-fact: the world is beyond creative. Manifest it through Exploration.

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