What can I say?

I’ll Blog, “What can I say?”

Are you aware that I am cliche? The power of originality is exhausting. I am attracted to the cliche. I changed my e-mail address a few years ago from “adamphudson@hotmail.com” to “iamadamhudson@gmail.com”. I made my blog, “I Am Adam.” I made a new youtube account based on this identification. Here is a video I made me and other things:


I just found a book on Amazon titled: I AM ADAM. Check it out here:  http://www.domatarious.blogspot.com/

This is what I mean by cliche. What first inspired me to approach my blog, e-mail, etc with “I am Adam” was Glide’s use of the phrase, “I Am”. Every Sunday someone tells their story of Glide and finishes with this phrase, “I Am…” I thought it was pretty clever. Then I saw an add on the side of Muni buses in San Francisco promoting Mike’s Bikes with the add, “I Am Mike.” Then a few weeks ago I saw another add boasting the same phrase. It is no more than a marketing ploy now. I knew it was a marketing ploy when I adopted the phrase. I thought it good “PR” to ally myself with Glide’s approach to marketing. Hell… “I am Glide, too!” And… I am cliche.

What can I say? I am cliche. I write and rhyme. I find time… not that original. There’s more here, there’s a history near, nearer than you think. It is a history of redemption, vacillation, contemplation and it speaks in the present louder than our loudest speakers. Its voice is the rhythm of seekers, the lines of traversed horizons of potential… And in this case, in the case of the “I AM” it is the hymn of the Universe.

Plus, I like to dance as you can see from the video above.

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