Time is strange. It courses through our veins and bends the universe. In mediation it slows our awareness and guides us. It teaches us how to die. We live according to its precession. Time is our harness to life – take heed its securities, its weight and direction.

I have a deep desire to die well, to end well – I pray for this…

I pray for much. I am praying for restoration. I ask God that the resources I handle might be of great benefit to my people. I ask for time to perfect my body, that my consciousness be of love.

I ask that my attitude of doubt be laid at the feet of time. I give thanks for my hope, and for this journey.

I pray that God remembers me. Lord, shape my life according to your will. Let that will be high and clear. Extend this inheritance we call Earth.

Let fear be covered in light and light be all that is… Thank you for the night, for rest and sleep. Upon awakening let my thoughts be of you, of joy.

Lord be with my family and friends. Shape my dreams. Ground me in your perfect world. Breath me out upon the world. Let our history bend toward freedom, justice and grace Lord… Let Grace enter the world.

Teach us to cry Lord. And to heal. Thank you for your eternities, these atmospheres of Love.


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