Two Friends

I discovered today that a few people do read my blog. Two of my best friends read my last blog, “The Worst two weeks in the last year” or something like that. Super flattering. Jay Witty from TN, my home town & Adam Roberts from CA, my other home. I imagine they read with some concern since the messages I received from them were of the caring sort. My blog last night was a bit dismal. Adam who’s sympathies for me are little more than (que witty analogy … I don’t have it… ) He makes fun of me which is flattering because he holds me in deep regard – the type that only allows me to see strength in myself. “I’m done with your bull shit, Hudson.” he would say. And then there is Jay. Who is my life long partner. It is a love that extends throughout a life time. Our first connection was just a few years after birth. His love for me is beautiful. And I miss him. Messages from them both came to me today. I have been calling for the attention of my dear friends. It is these two men who answered. I am surely blessed. I am encouraged.

Today my heart rested from the psychic turmoil I have entertained this week. I spent some great time with my sponsor, Thomas. He is a great jewel. Super precious. He reminds me of God. He reminds me to be grateful…


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