I and it R 1

“Partaking of the celebration and enjoying the great, unbound wealth of the supreme bliss, I offer my single aspiration that we meet again as one, gathering for the celebration in the palace of the lotus light and the pinnacle of the pure realm.”  


I and my bike are One. I have written this before. I speak it often. God is teaching me how to be One with Others; One With the Father as is my inheritance.

I love riding. I love city riding. I am a bike commuter. I ride daily. I never like to ride angry, today I experienced waves of anger flow through my consciousness as I rode. In to the present: I pray as I ride, “God take away my anger.” My consciousness lapes into another vision of an argument with a police officer about running red lights. “Are you aware that I’m on a bike, officer?!” I gain my presence circumstance, find myself again… riding, safe, wind, sunshine. The next block I see a police officer and I thank God for the grace I experience. I am still riding. I am not pulled over; I am not arguing with a policeman.

As I grow in consciousness with God my experience is one of immanence and concrescence. I experience karma almost immediately… where in my former states the karmic connection of events – the reaping and sowing – found significant distances of time and space. Now, with grace through continual pursuit of God Consciousness, I find my awareness hastened, with a character of intensity.

Later in the day I leave my house. I have found remedy from anger through others in recovery, so I ride with freedom. I come to stop sign to encounter a police car. I slam on my breaks and he hesitates pulling through, offering me the pass, but I node him on and follow. I look down to adjust my gear shift and WHAM! I plough into a parked car. I fall. My bike undamaged, my body significantly brused. I sand in curiosity  I live in pain. I gesture to a concerned neighbor that I’m fine. I ride to Whole Foods in pain.

It was an energetic consequence of individuation. God speaks through the pain and the meaning of distilled experience is clear. Check yourself. What angered adolescence yields this result. Cycles of narratives are active participates drawing their own meaningful delight. One is: God’s punishment for anger. Another is: Grace that having a body and bike my collisions are exceptionally rare and nonviolent compared to my experience years ago. I am healing. Progress not Perfection they say.

I learn the more that I and it R 1.




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