We are the Grace

While everyone in my former philosophy program readies their hearts and minds for the glory of the Esalen Retreat, the San Francisco weekend waves goodbye to the most advanced flying machines on the planet, and the next weekend embraces many of the most powerful minds on the planet in Kurzweil‘s Singularity Summit.
If you haven’t checked-out the grandeur of this conference I’ve included an excerpt from the site below in my last blog: https://iamadam.org/2012/10/07/the-singularity-summit/
 and here is the program line-up:
Perhaps, if these men and women stand in for the potential of the human mind… my prayer… is that communities like Glide and CIIS carry the potential of the human heart. I say this to offer a blessing over the lives that care deeply for humanity, at a time when the greatest minds on Earth think beyond the human. Humanity is a sacrament of sorts, we should not waste ourselves with the familiarity of platitude or libation, rather our commitments must be to refine ourselves through discipline and love for one other. AND to remember… we are the grace and gift.
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