Fulfillment acts upon us as much as it is fostered within; it builds a world from unseen pattern; patients is its companion.

It comes to me slowly and surely, as the day comes and the night after. It awakens with in me in as a tide that closes in on shore. My circumstances prove its independence. I am powerful over many things but fulfillment complements my willingness more than my way. How far the horizon extends into fulfillment is in God’s mind only. These approaches of mine seems unstoppable, it fulfills.

For more than a few moments today I stood in doubt over my condition. I did not agree with this life. I am not its author. Its future is tread on empty dreams, unfeasibility is its name. At this point there is only negotiation, destiny is lost. In these moments I feel the power of unbelief. I look into my life and see only what is, my visions of what will be are clouded with the probable, likely, outcome of barely successful, quiet desperation, washed face, despondent inheritor – ode to fear.

The peace I gain from service to others exceeds the margins, the aporias lift. I feel good. NO. I feel better, and this is different. Nothing can remedy the heart more swiftly than the presence of eager children. This is my experience. The offices are in and I am becoming a teacher. There are many things to speak on this matter. I cannot beat how exhausted I am. The fight against surrender, in all areas of my life. has yielded little more than idol motion, motion plagued by circles. I shouldn’t be different than the planets but for god’s sake let it fulfill. I do see my orbits approaching, attracting objects of fulfillment.

Amen Adam. hahahaah. Bitch. Weird additions.

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