Pets are prolific. Who has never had a pet? What sap can say I’ve never owned a dog or fell in love with a cat, owned a bird. No one wants a stupid bird. I learned that today substitute teaching for the first time. I think I might video record this blog too. Videoing is going to be a regular practice of mine – my fucking pet. Video Pet. Pet Video. While my dogs die without me in TN, I’ll have video and blogs. I did lose Karma – beloved – this past month. Her spirit has impressed itself on me many times the past few weeks. On Monday, in fact, I was wrestling with this beautiful, energetic Dalmatian cross at Josh Halburn’s home. I was also greeted with his house cat – a collective brother of the home. He was black and reminded me of my soul mate back in TN. Completely black, “karmically” tied, this cat and I are unified in spiritual nature, a psychic bond exists between us. AND… this is what I really want to about cats and dogs, pets in general.

Pets are the psychic representation of their owners. They are bound to us, in kind, companions of the nearest sort. Their attitudinal expressions bare our marks, our history, our influence. The next time your with a pet consider the truth of what I’m communicating. This lens tells many tells. On Monday again, at the lake were many pets. They and their owners enjoying the beautiful day. And each as far as I could tell perfectly spoke their owners disposition. One dog was crazy agitated. His owner’s body hunched over, slight mis-step, apologetic, and bound in extroverted pride expressed in his dogs daunting physicality – this dog was a powerful pitbull. If I could glimpse into the order of his home, perhaps a bit further into the actions of his life I could give a full diagnosis. Peoples homes are telling as well… perhaps more so than the pet.


Ok! I substituted today at a super duper private school in the Mission. It was my first substitute job. I was really successful and I was asked to return tomorrow. Assigned Mac Books is just the tip of the ice burg for these children. Their privilege is overwhelming. They are the product of privilege. There’s so much more on that, but I must retire until another day. House meeting calls…

Much love! No revising…

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