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I will be moving again relatively soon – like this week. Out of 1282 and into a sober living house. Ingleside it is. I’m having many feelings of resistance to this move which all seem like great indications I’m making the right decision. This whole year I have moved and moved and moved. More than any year I can recall I have lived by faith through reliance on God. Each move has felt like a leap of faith, but this one most of all. All my things – mostly books – have remained in storage for a little over a year now. This will be the first time since I lived at 420 32nd Ave that I will not be living out of my backpack, the first time I will (and the state for that matter) consider me permanently housed. Amen.

I’m so exhausted. I’m going to bed, but this story isn’t over. I need to tell you about my storage unit companion. And I especially need to talk about how powerful it is to make a right decision, to know exactly what to do and do it.

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