Deep Economy

I love watching myself grow. Today was full. Tomorrow I will speak at High Noon. I have greatly anticipated this. I am in love with High Noon. It is an AA meeting. Never in my life would I have suspected that I would fall in love with an AA meeting. The sobriety in High Noon  is brilliant. Wisdom flows from the mouths of its regular attendees. I find the presence of God, an atmosphere of grace, in this space more than any other space I have ever known. I have been in many, many churches, temples, retreat centers, schools, etc. and never have I borne witness to so many miracles. It is a great, great honor to speak there. It will be the most mundane act, yet signifiant in a way that speaks the authority of change, recovery, and God’s loving power. This is what I mean when I say deep economy.

I’m exhausted and I would love to say more now, but a nat is flying in my ear speaking the day to come and the night that calls me to sleep. I’ll get a little over four hours. Maybe I can get a nap in tomorrow.

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