The Future

The future is a living possibility for Earthly beings willing to accept the radical difference that overcoming 21st century experience will introduce. The experience of the future will be a hybrid state of inter-being. Vocations of grace will re-emerge to offer cyborific dimension of inter-being an effective state to drive creative advance, biotechnical ascent. The space between all we currently find separate will manifest. The merging of natural forests with efficient cities will emerge. The integration of biology and spirituality will empower the whole Earth. Technology will never stand alone. Energy will surpass our performance expectations. Transphysical worlds will offer our experience continual depth and hope. Mobility and communications will offer a unified field of appearance.

Currently, lives are more interconnected than ever. Consciousness has risen from the ashes of past biology; communities of organisms have striven to pass their experiential wisdom through genetic memory. Our music is breathtaking. Our cities radiate heat and collective will. The Earth’s ecologies are changing with increasing rapidity. A new geological era, the anthropocene, has arrived.

Over the last 2,500 years our species has lept toward industrial revolutions, technological advancements in health, birth rates, population stabilities, access to consistent resources. Our time has compressed into an age defined as Global. Our consciousness was rebooted over the first 600 years of this journey. It’s voice shaped our greatest religious traditions. Karl Jaspers called this age the Axial Age. Here, “the spiritual foundations of humanity were laid simultaneously and independently in China, India, Persia, Judea, and Greece. And these are the foundations upon which humanity still subsists today.” Its figures include Elijah, Isaiah, Amos, Jeremiah – called the Prophets – and from the Greek lineage: HomerSocratesParmenidesHeraclitusThucydidesArchimedes. And from the East, the authors of Upanishads, and Lao Tzu, Confucius, and Siddhartha Gautama – the Buddha. These foundations disciplined the human experience and the cultivation of our conscious powers. The emergence of Lord Jesus Christ marked the pinnacle of our ages ability to divinize itself by another form, the in-between being, the inter-being. The cutlural configurations that both constituted and benefited from these waves of historical outporing held internal pressures together in concentrated nodes of memory, monastic and other, as the Roman Empire could not survive collapse.

Our age is bound to this history, as it faces the facts of economic and political realism, relativizing media imagery, and psychological distraction. Our patterns tend toward capital advance while our Earth suffers the deep consequences of unrelenting production and consumption. Our time is sufficiently prepared to emerge figures of conscious prominence that carry within them the power to avoid complete failure, the collapse of human direction.

I am calling reality to service… that our future might be secure and our collective conscious magnified. Our present is the living energies nurtured and prepared to usher in a period resonant with our Axial Age. We are the future.





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