Night By-Pass

It is night and I just posted a short excerpt from a paper because I thought I might by-pass some authentic blogging. So here it goes…

Night By-Pass… it now has meaning for me. I just stepped away from my blog to have a banana and my roommate Lawrence delivered more than a tomato slice and a mini-avocado – he shared a story with me from Burning Man 2012. He had a revelation of self-love during a sun-rise event. He made his way to the temple and quickly scribbled his new commitment: “Self Love.” Walking away he was moved to return to his words and offer more than a scribble, to write the revelation with care and much larger. Peering at his small scribbled words about to inscribe them with more conviction he saw with astonishment someones earlier work, larger, artfully written were their words: “SELF LOVE.”

Earlier this evening a dear man I know from MA recounted a story with as much magic. His partner’s dog had just passed away. Deeply connected with this loss the two barely made it down to Santa Cruse for the Labor Day weekend. While driving among the multitudes they passed a familiar, former neighbor. This was the woman who had many years past insisted that his partner spend one day with a special dog who needed a home. History was written between the love they shared. In this dog-companion’s death was the creative connection that would remind them all just how precious, mysterious, and magical life really is.

This evening I was looking for an excuse not to blog. What I found was a significant title whose name foretold the power of synchronicity within these stories. There are moments when life  seems to by-pass our normal expectations. Somehow there is a living dialogue between our feelings and those experiences out of our control. Sometimes life responds so lovingly and graciously, it is as if there is a great, kind magician at work on our behalf, making things special for us. I like to call that power many names. Some names are better than others!



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