God’s Gift

Today was my 32nd Birthday. It was a wonderful day. I sat next to the secretary today in high noon. I had lunch with a gift only God had the power to deliver – my first sponsee. I met Adam Robbert – @knowledge-ecology – I enjoyed myself. We saw Lawless – pretty good film. I spoke with Eva, my mother and my father today. I was humbled again by all the happy birthday wishes via Facebook. It is such a simple gesture that means so much.

Speaking of Facebook… I posted that my 31st year was the most profound year of my life. This was the first year of my life since before 14 years of age that I remained sober all year. It’s weird to put it that way.

Talking to my new sponsee I was recounting how important it was to find mentors, to build a life of affiliation, to search out those people whose life you sought to immolate and draw them near, stay close and learn. I spoke about my life-long interests in Jesus, my attraction to my professors and to Cecil Williams, and he said something curious, he asked me why I sought them. He said that he had never sought out someone to be like, someone to model. I’m not sure if I was clear to him or to myself at lunch today. But this is it: I go to AA because I am attracted its people. I want what they have. Serenity. Peace. Presence. Growth. But not only that, I’m attracted to them because their story so closely resembles mine and how despite all odds they live, not only live, they thrive. It is the resurrection; it’s how their lives communicate hope. It’s how approximate their experience came to death and how they know… they live – “Thy Life’s a Miracle, Speak Yet Again.”

Today I begin a new year. This year I am 32 years old, and I begin my 33rd year on planet Earth. I am learning to quite my visions for the coming year. I stand neutral in expectation and confidence. I live more than my bike this year. This year I live my dreams. This year I live to ‘speak yet again,’ and in the heart of my tradition, “I and the Father am One.”


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