The specters of beings before us reveal our karma. We are shaped by their folded fates; their losses ours, their sight carries our future.

Every city siren calls your name. Every lesson, breaths your power. Oh, Lord, all the broken promises lead to your wisdom. It is you who graces us with tears and laugher. It is you whose name I call in gratitude and receptions.

Everything comes through the magnification of experience, a concrescence of movement whose origins are evidenced within evolution itself.

The only personification I was ever interested in manifesting was that one called, Christ. Two-thousand year legacy holds true, bound to history, sealed through institutions, worshiped as God. To whom is more worth of comparison? What life standards stronger? I am not interested in your presidents, your famous, your saints… I have and will always be only interested in preforming Christ itself! AND NOT only preforming, traversing the legacy, leaping beyond the horizon of its history, its performative quality. This Christ entity, our most recent, our most convincing… God…

There are many great people on the Earth. Culminating conscious intensities mount, spread, and produce fit examples of human potential. Good. Even Great Examples. They must continue to proliferate. Still… it is time for an Exceptional. Might this life yield such a fascination? An Exceptional?


Hyper-Movement Break.

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