Sounds Active

“Sounds Active.”

That was the text I received from a friend today after recounting my schedule. I haven’t always been so active, nor so attentive to listening, hearing – things to do with sound. This generation is loosing its hearing rapidly. Headphones, increasing development of speakers etc. Perhaps a bit of synchronictiy here, but if you ask me the fact that our generation is loosing its hearing is more than a metaphor of our ability to ignore, silence, neglect the most significant issues of our time, the most significant matters of our lives. I’m talking about our connection with our environment, our relationship to community, home, city. I’m especially talking about our relationship to matters of spirit, to internal relations of wisdom, depth, love. The plight of contemporary culture is its distance from God. God has resurfaced in my vocabulary the last year. A year of recovery, of action, of listening. Yes, God speaks – don’t be dense.

So… I ran off today being active. I attended a required meeting for all those applied persons to the city program of renters assistance. CAPP its called (County Adult Assistance Program). It is a pretty specific demographic here. Not so much education, largely of color, many disadvantages like mental health issues, accumulated disappointments, depressions, dislocations. It is not true that everyone wants a handout. People are sincerely looking for help. People are also very interested in free resources, and those two desires are pretty standard in each one of us. Like I said last time… I qualify.

Relatively quick and easy… I hop back on the bus and pick up my fixed bike. I’m feeling better already. Any separation from my bike is an opportunity for rejoiceful reunion. Strong. Sounding Active.

Back to another required CAPP meeting. Listening to a couple of boys talk about forging an address without moral hesitancy both humbles me about my own internal monitors and relieves me from taking myself so seriously. I got to have a great lunch after the meeting with an employee from Glide. I was pretty excited about this because he’s white and male and educated. Not to many of those running around at Glide.

Later Soccer. Sounds Active right?

Later and finally AA meeting. Thank God. I missed many of my regular meetings this week. This meeting was a gift. Friday night gifts! Dark secrets was the name. I was early which felt fantastic. And the first guy I meet – badass connection – bromance potential. Further, two of my favorite guys from MA were the speakers. I felt right at home. AND even further, hold your breath for the cliched statement… there were many hot chicks. Good things…as I still suffer from the lack of affection I was receiving from Eva.

So all of today basically, “Sounds Active” from where I’m sitting.


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