The Consciousness of Poverty

The consciousness of poverty is growing. The dynamics of media, communications, and mobility have an effect of conscious compression upon

World map showing percent of population living...

World map showing percent of population living on less than $1.25 (ppp) per day using the latest data from 2000-2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

our culture. By all accounts poverty has existed in the hearts of sensitive people since the first city-states some 2,500 years ago. The difference in our contemporary order is how the dynamics of world compression have concentrated human consciousness upon the issue, as it is shared across our Earth and juxtaposed the existence of exorbitant wealth. The reality of ending poverty across the Earth becomes an increasingly possible goal as more and more focus is brought toward the issue.

One of the effects that the concentration of consciousness is having upon our culture is a widening interpretation of poverty. Poverty is more than economic scarcity; it is multi-dimensional; it is psychic in the form of mental disorder, delusion, depression, and dementia; it is communal in the form of hyper-isolation, race, gender, and class oppression, and multi-form alienation; it is technological in the form of obsession, fetish, dependency, and distraction; it is embodied in the form of mal-nutrition, disease, obesity, and cancer; it is environmental in the form of species extinction, erosion, desertification, industrial pollution, and climate change; it is ethical and civic in the form of greed, falsity, fear, resentment, apathy, and sin. Poverty is overwhelming and it is shared with our companion species; it lives in the mind, body, and spirit of animals as well as humans; it is a shared phenomenon within ecosystems; it is a fundamental attribute of the anthropocene era.

It will take a movement of consciousness to truly end poverty. A shift in perception away from fundamental scarcity and competition towards companionship, cooperation, and abundance. We live in a culture of materialism where the power of physical guides decisions and the spirit of connection and wisdom is forgotten for the sake of gross action obsessive with “progress.” The possibility of emancipation narrows as our arrogance grows. Paradoxically, in a culture of consumer freedom, our future offers us little choice. We must become conscious, the voice of our hearts must be raised to be heard by the mind addicted to furious thinking, always calculating, figuring… lost mist the endless chatter.

I pray that our hearts lead us away from poverty and toward collective liberation…one step at a time. I pray that the achievements of our individuals powers be brought into the service of unified perfection, Earthly conscious elevation, embodied ecological healing. I pray for heaven on Earth as my ancestors prayed. I stand with them in memory of our future-to-come.


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