Sanctus Januarius

“In all things and on the whole, I wish only to be a Yes-Sayer.”

I find Nietzsche again. An offering to the Saints and the Holy month of January find their place in my heart. It is a theme of

English: Portrait of Friedrich Nietzsche, 1882...

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his forth book in the Gay Science and a disposition I look to rekindle with Nietzsche – the strength and resolution of becoming the “Yes-Sayer” to everything one is fated to live. The will behind this power has scarcely been with me the last few years. Like Nietzsche I have wondered. Times of dismissal have bred in me resentment towards growth. The work of resentments is loosed when repetitions and apathy steal freedom. Resentment is a thief; A failure of consciousness; A depressant; A dependency gone bad.

Living through; Overcoming; Becoming More… This is this age. A deep breath of resolve; the courts of spiritual appeals finds a verdict of affirmation, of fate. Fated to End Well.Enhanced by Zemanta

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