Vision A Far

The visionary digital art of Gary Tonge:

HAVONA urantiaMASTERUNI urantia


Tonge’s art is extraordinary.  In HAVONA Urantia (upper left – only a portion is viewable here), we bare witness to a billion heavenly perfected spheres. I love thinking about the possibilities and implications of this vision. Where the unification of spirit and matter meld into a singular event, we encounter a vision that captures the evolution of spherical potential. If our Earth is a sphere, and if we are participating in an evolutionary tide of development, and if we sense an ever-perfecting evidence of psychic and material integration then perhaps we might imagine the Earth itself as a living being – a Gaia – that seeks its own perfection. Along with an infinite multitude of other solar-body configurations, our solar system stood to birth yet another Sphere – “Another Earth” – whose radial advancement meets its spherical companions on a psychophysical journey.


Earth is not alone. In Tonge’s Vision, we witness a billion other spheres. The concrescence of time and space yields an unfathomable family of spherical symmetry – a perfection; a symbiotic co-constituted “migration of intelligences.” We discover the sense of latent potential bound in our Earth’s youth, its unique evolution, and its relationship to an intimate cosmos.

Touge’s vision reminds us of the gift of imagination, where our mind’s eye might hold the truth of Rumi’s 13th century prose: “We are on an evolving course, through this migration of intelligence’s, and though we seem to be sleeping, there is an inner wakefulness that directs the dream.”

All beings are beings.

You receive exactly what you give.

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